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Okay, so feel free to download some preview music from TAZ NUVOUX as well as the other current BONUS TRACKS. If you purchase a copy, we will include as a special BONUS, the independently released (1981) EP "TAZMANIAN DEVILS LIVE", recorded at Keystone Berkeley, with burning performances of "Lords of Frisco", "Music", "Pressure" and a classic rendition of Buddy Holly´s "Not Fade Away".
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Courtesy of DubLab Records, a subsidiary of DubWest Photo by Mush Emmons   Click to enlarge photo

You can listen to the selections marked with music

1) Shelter
2) Showdown
3) Rock Steady
4) Intensified
5) The Guns of King Tubby
6) GravityMan
7) Honey Road
8) Final Call
9) Shame and Scandal
10) Icehouse Rock
11) Safety Zone

Taz Live CD       Bonus Tracks

You can listen to the selections marked with music

1) Lords of Frisco
2) Music
3) Pressure
4) Not Fade Away

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These albums are out of print but I´m trying to make them available...

Bullet CD Broadway CD

You can listen to the selections marked with music

1) Feel Alright 1) Dirty Bop Party
2) Window Into Heaven 2) She´s a Rocker
3) Spy In The House of Love
3) Little Sister
4) Don´t Slip 4) Kids
5) West Coast 5) Rockers Die Young
6) Laura 6) Lords of Frisco
7) Send Her To Me
7) Giveaway
8) My Obsession 8) Don´t Hold Back
9) Pressure 9) Dub-ble Up
10) Music 10) Breakdown
Taz Special thanks to
Josh Harris
Josh Harris
(keyboards, vocals)