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Taz Taz WB
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In the summer of ´76, I called Dennis, who I hadn´t seen but twice since we played together in High School in the late sixties. I was wondering if the new group he was performing with would be interested in playing a locally produced show put on by my roommate Steve Bajor (Marin Co. Homegrown Productions, now Pro Event). To my surprise, he said the reason he´d called earlier that day was that the groups' original bassist, Dave Mckay (a good friend from my College of Marin daze), was going on tour with Michael Nesmith and had wondered if I´d like to join up… He´d left a message that I hadn´t gotten!

I knew there was something special about this and the timing was perfect. Freeman was movin´ south to L.A. and I was looking for a new creative musical challenge. I knew everyone but Pat Craig (keyboards, vocs.) from our jamming together at Tam High in Marin County. The next interesting "coincidence" I noticed was that Pat and I were both born in the same hospital (in Eugene, Ore.)… and are both Libras with Leo rising (!) (for what that's worth).

We all decided then and there to become the hottest kick ass dance band in the Bay Area. That was our single goal. From 1976 thru ´78 we were averaging over 20 gigs a month, plus we found the time and energy to put up hundreds of promo posters. Most importantly, we decided together that if the group leveled off or became a drag, we wouldn´t beat it to death just for the money. Just one goal… and a lot of great times along the way.

And so… through time we´ve remained a musical family - and have regrouped from time to time over the years just for the pure enjoyment of playing good music with good friends. The band is currently back together (sans Pat & now w/Parabar Martin Webber) and making some inspired new music.

Recently, I´ve had the pleasure of producing a new CD entitled TAZ NUVOUX.
I hope you enjoy the music and would love to here from ´yall. - Duane Van Dieman

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SF Rock

From San Francisco Rock; The Illustrated History of San Francisco Rock Music by Jack McDonough
Photo by Dennis Callahan