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The ´OGZ´ was one of the original underground San Francisco rock bands of the 1960´s psychedelic era*. Their live improvisations (called ´Dada Funk´ by some), and later, varied musical offerings both startled and amused audiences around the North Bay Area.

Once described as "James Brown meets the Marx Brothers", the band was a cult favorite of their contemporaries and shared billings with other 60´s rock pioneers; Big Brother & the Holding Co., The Charlatans, Moby Grape & others...

Today, the original members of the Old Gray Zipper (plus a few friends and co-conspirators) have reunited as a music club, and are continuing the free flow of creativity and lunacy that marked the original band.

The Band

Currently, THE OGZ is releasing two new CD´s (click for more info)...

UnZipped Brain
Tales from the Unzipped Brain
Cornbread Reunion
Cornbread Reunion

Tales from the Unzipped Brain is a collection of 17 pieces, including original songs, groove jams and sci-fi soundz. The music ranges from Funky to Beatnik ... from Psychedelic Hip Hop to Free-range Country Swamp (plus a lovingly twisted "Daytripper").

Cornbread Reunion - recorded live in the studio - is a collection of original tunes and improvisations (plus a wet & funky version of James Browns´ "Payback") - recorded live and spontaneously in the studio - that illustrate just how difficult it still is for these goofballs to keep "serious" with their playing.

So... Sit back, spark a fatty and take a ride with the OGZ!

The Players
   Current OGZ FUNKLUB members are...
     Marc Schmid ^(CARTOON CITY)
     Duane Van Dieman^ (TAZMANIAN DEVILS)
     Kirk McNaught ^(GREEN WAVE)
     Mike Pegues ^(PROBLEM CHILD w/John Cipollina)
     Larry Lee Holman ^(DAN HAYES BLUES BAND)
     Cameron Melville (CLARENCE 'GUITAR' SIMS)

^Original members / * as mentioned in Ralph J Gleason´s book, THE JEFFERSON AIRPLANE TAKES OFF and exhibited in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame´s "PSYCHEDELIC WALL" exhibit...

OGZ Dan Hicks
A recent note from Dan Hicks
(Formerly of THE CHARLATANS)
Plus a couple ´a 60´s hand bills Medicine Show Film
Rolling Stone magazine once asked, "What ever happened to bands like The Old Gray Zipper ?"... well, now ya know.

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