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Back in 1972, I met an interesting cat from the Seattle, Was. area (Bellingham) called "Steamin´ Freeman" Lockwood. Freeman (on fiddle & guitar) and I (elect. bass, vocals) started a Country-Rock /semi-acoustic band with a talented local singer- songwriter named Bill Middlejohn.

As Freeman started to create a unique, colorful writing style, it seemed a good idea to put an electric rock band together - with that gypsy style fiddle - that could really stomp rump… and feature those cool of-beat tunes.

I remember Freeman coming up to me one day saying, "hey man, look what I just found", as I listened to him croon out the words to his "Under The Palms" with a newly found "unusual croaking voice", as The Chronicle´s Joel Selvin would later put it. "Gypsy Rock" was born...

Together for about 4 years, we played venues that ranged from small pubs to Winterland. Starting with ´Stony Tony´ Kallins on piano and electric harpsichord and Ron B. on drums, we set up a home base at Moonie´s Irish Pub on upper Grant Ave. in North Beach, SF.

After three years or so, we ended up with a lineup that included Freeman, myself and two very talented females: "Darlin´ Dorothy" Moskowitz on keyboards and vocals and the energetic Ginny Whitaker on drums (now a hot session drummer in Atlanta). In 1975, we recorded a live album at Moonies entitled, "Steamin´ Freeman´s Greatest Hits" that sold like hotcakes at the club.

A year later, we found ourselves at "Funky Features" (aka "Funky Jacks") recording studio in the Haight recording a ´studio album´, "Full Steam Ahead", with the help of some great local musicians, including the fabulous Billy Philadelphia on piano, Tony Johnson (Jr. Walker), Jay David (Dr. Hook) & Joey Covington (Jefferson Airplane) on drums, Keith Marsalis on lead guitar and John McFee (Clover/Doobie Bros.) and Larry Cragg (Neil Young) on peddle steel. The album shows a variety of styles; Country, rock, Cajun and calypso to name a few.

Freeman migrated south to try his luck in L.A. later that year (1976) under the name Taylor Maze. He stayed long enough to put out a few well received records before hightailing it north to Mendocino Co. There he became a world-class mushroom photographer under the name Taylor F. Lockwood, traveling the world to put together his "Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi" ´coffee table´ book in addition to a photo slideshow that he toured and lectured with… both to rave revues.

These two LPs (on CD) may be available again soon, so stay tuned…

(studio LP)

(live at Moonies)

You can listen to the selections marked with music

1. Hold Me Closer w/Billy Philadelphia
1. Don´t Be Wary Mary
2. Jolie Marie
2. Jolie Marie
3. Slip Away w/John McFee, Billy P.
3. Honey To A Bear
4. I Pick My Flowers
( And They Don't Pick Me)
4. I´'m A Bad Man
5. Carmina Mia w/Keith Marsalis
5. End Of The Line *
6. Come On, Come On
6. Don´t Push Me Away
7. Summer ´69
7. The Cuckoo /inst.
8. Honey To A Bear
8. Music Man
9. Just Can´t Wait ´Till Summertime
9. Southland *
10. Waterfall
10. Costa Rica
11. When Venus Sets Upon The Sea Of Copernicus (I´ll Be Way Out In Space) /inst.
12. Fatima, Fatima
13. The Windigo
All songs except * by "Steanin"Freeman Lockwood © 1975/1976
* Featuring '"Darlin' Dorothy" Moskowitz (* by D. Moskowitz © 1975)

(L-R) Ginny Whitaker, "Steamin´ Freeman" Lockwood, "Darlin´ Dorothy" Moskowitz, DVD

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Some of Freeman´s Poster Art ...
I did the mailing list... Here´s one of mine

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