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"Sometimes, to really have fun, you've got to throw your own party"

Hey kids! So I figured it might be fun to make available some (old & new) sounds recorded by various local Bay Area bands I've worked with over the years. The music is free
to download for a limited time. Most will soon be available on CD!
Hope ya dig´um  - Duane Van Dieman  (your FUNKLUB host) Most music is available through special order. Contact Duane at 415-388-2215


Throughout my musical adventures in the San Francisco music scene, I've been blessed to play with some of the most exciting, innovative, energetic and unique musical artists in the Bay Area.

Might as well start at the beginning...

As a drummer in 1966 (aged 14 yrs), I got together with a colorful bunch of Mill Valley high school chums. We soon became known as the "dada funk" band


The OGZ, opening for many 60´s San Francisco musical pioneers, including The Charlatans, Moby Grape and Big Brother & the Holding Co. "startled and amused audiences with generous doses of goofball humor, funky dance grooves, and lively (and sometimes rather outlandish) musical and vocal improvisations". This, of course, took a bit of live effort, but the band needed little rehearsal... and was a real gas! I left the group (in late´66) and returned a year later, as the bass player. We had several incarnations through 1970.

Steamin thru Van Dieman's Land

(pron. Van Dee-man)

Note: While away from the OGZ (in 1967), I started jamming (on bass and vocals) with three other high school pals named Dave, Dennis and Barry (more below).

After those kooky teenage years, we all found ourselves immersed in music, art & adventure. As for me, I started playing with an eccentric fiddle player from Seattle with ´an unusual croaking voice´ named Freeman Lockwood. We played "Gypsy Rock" together for about 5 years ('71-'75), mostly at a lively little club on upper Grant Ave. in North Beach called "Moonies Irish Pub"...

The band was called


After going our ways, Freeman - aka Taylor F. Lockwood, now a superb mushroom photographer, public exhibitionist and author of the photo-book ´Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi´ - kicked up a fuss in L.A. under the name Taylor Maze. Right about then, I met up with a marvelous east bay singer/songwriter by the name of John Coinman and played club gigs with the John Coinman Band... and another colorful, local character named... Barry (the Fish) Melton.

In 1976, I rejoined Dave Carlson, Dennis Hogan and Barry Lowenthal - and along with singer/ keyboardist Pat Craig developed a hybrid blend of Reggae, Rock & R&B...

and became known as


"TAZ" played hundreds of club and concert gigs between the years 1976 - 1982, and along the way recorded and released 2 albums for Warner Bros. Records; ´The Tazmanian Devils´ and ´Broadway Highlife´. We also released a four song EP (´Tazmanian Devils LIVE´), recorded at the legendary club Keystone Berkeley in 1981. TAZ won a Bammy (Bay Area Music award) that same year for ´Best Bay Area Club Band´.

Recently, as with the OGZ, I´ve had the pleasure to record some new tunes with my old TAZ mates, sans Pat Craig who is now productive and happy with a career in ministry. Joining us on keyboards and vocals is old friend Josh Harris (from our "Steamin´ Freeman" daze), who wrote for and played with the L.A. ska sensations The Untouchables.

In 1983, I formed a band called...


We played ´glamour rock´ together for a few years and released a highly produced album entitled ´Secrets´, with help from Johnny Colla (Huey Lewis & the News) - and marvelous sound engineer Jim Gaines, ... a fun 80´s pop/vocal group.

This was followed by the folk rock group AMICUS (w/ Gary Roche from Merlin), and a wacky outfit called The LUNES (w/ Billy Bop Boman). Meanwhile, I played hundreds of gigs with Sonoma Co. ´cover´ favorites BOP CITY w/ Clifford ´Catfish´ Rice and well-known Sonoma Co. drummer/vocalist Johnny Campbell (The Pulsators, The Imposters).

   *                            *                           *

Featured on this website are recent recordings by TAZ and OGZ - as well as ´TAZ LIVE´ (now available on CD). Previously unreleased songs from the live Berkeley show will also soon be available. Funklub Records is also pleased to present some individual songs for download.

CDs Look soon for CD´s from STEAMIN´FREEMAN (´Greatest Hits´& ´Full Steam Ahead´), SECRETS (´Secrets´), songs from AMICUS... and (oh yeah) some SOLO STUFF.

Steemin Freeman   Full Steam Ahead
Secrets This website is dedicated to the preservation of local Bay Area music of all sizes, shapes and forms... and to all the fans who have kept it alive with their continued love and support… Further, I feel that now, more than ever is the time to use the power of working together to create a healthier world in which to live.
Your faithful musical host,

(the Duaniac)